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We always enjoy receiving positive feedback about this restaurant, it means, that we are moving in the right direction. If there are some dissatisfaction, we try to listen to the customer and to consider these points, so this does not happen again. Our chefs are always keen to diversify the menu, that it had to appeal to every visitor and it does not degrade the quality and design of dishes, that sometimes put a reproach restaurants with mixed kitchen. The waiters in the restaurant - Thai, that combine the pleasant hospitality and local knowledge of Russian language.
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5 из 5 звездReview written 5 February 2015
Perhaps our favorite restaurant. Three seasons have always been there and all at excellent level. Chef – Russian, Misha name, you can always call him and he will tell you everything, хотя на вид не разговорчив 🙂 По нашему мнению там самая вкусная тайская кухня, we tried to Phuket. Russian course is also at altitude, but we eat Thai Tae. 🙂 Рекомендуем !
5 из 5 звездReview written 13 January 2015.
Russian and Thai Restaurant kuhni.Mozhno try crocodile,snake,Ostrich,lobster and etc.. moreprodukty.Iz Russian cuisine eat dumplings,Dumplings with potatoes and cabbage,stuffed cabbage,borsch, Okroshka,kvass(true,no ego doderzhyvayut)prochee.Prigotovleno and very tasty,decorate the dish nicely,always a lot of people in the restaurant,mainly russkih.Hozyaeva,to my mind, russkie.Oni also work as ofitsianty.Prakticheski entire vacation eat them. On 4 about a man 2500 Bat. We visited in January 2015
5 из 5 звездReview written 29 December 2014.
If you choose this restaurant is not worth paying attention to the dismal appearance and interior of the restaurant. This should come for a delicious and beautifully filed dishes like Russian and Thai cuisine. Indispensable when searching for food for children aged one year or older