About Us

Our restaurant presents itself as a place, where you can find a rich variety of dishes at reasonable prices. The cozy atmosphere is ideal for family get-togethers, there is a nutritious and healthy children's menus. We add a touch of exotic accent in a completely traditional European dishes.

IMG_3830We do not save our clients and are happy with quality products, a rather expensive equipment, use of non-frozen meat and fundamentally do not cook on palm oil!

Since we are working with the talented chef from RussiaMikhail Timofeev, who will prepare your favorite food Russian: nourishing soup, homemade ravioli and okroshka on kvass.

And our Thai chef will surprise you with masterpieces of Thai cooking, maintaining the traditional style of cooking. Only in the Veranda restaurant you can try the frog legs, ostrich meat under the Bolognese sauce, unusual taste crocodile meat, grilled, and turtle. For lovers of exotic sea, Our chefs will prepare dishes from predators - swordfish and sharks.

hurry up to try!

The restaurant is located on Karon Beach. If you walk away from the ring to the side of the temple Caron (street, which is perpendicular to the sea from the ring), Veranda Restaurant that will be on your way along the road on the left side, located on the ground floor of the hotel Simplited.