The benefits of oysters!

18 March 1952 in Philadelphia for the first time appear artificial optical lenses, thing is very indispensable and necessary! And the eyes expressive))) However, there are means, aligning sight without technical aids.
Mankind eat oysters over 70 thousand years, as evidenced by archaeological finds. If you want to see the world as a child, Try to use these seafood.
Useful properties of oysters are not only of benefit to, but in the normalization of the slaveThe notes of the nervous system, strengthening bone, improving liver and kidney function
Besides, a large number of easily digestible protein and low calorie oysters makes it possible to classify them to the dietary food.
American scientists have found a part of the oyster ceramides - fatty acids, which are allowed to open another positive feature of oysters - the suppression of cancer cell growth. In joint work of Italian and American scientists use the oyster is, that contains a unique amino acids in their composition, which stimulate the production of sex hormones.
The restaurant “Porch” Oysters can be ordered as fresh, and baked with cheese.
To your health- in your hands!!!