The best introduction to Spain – Spaghetti "Carbonara"

19 March 1563 , the Queen of France Catherine de Medici made peace with the Huguenots, completing the annual conflict with them. That did not stop by an old hag 9 s arrange Bartholomew massacre.
When Catherine de Medici, a large gourmet, She married the French King Henry II, she took an Italian chef. They say, He artfully prepared poisons. Which helped to further the fight against political opponents Catherine)))
Before that French cuisine does not exist in principle,. DEven gastronomic encyclopedia France calls Italy home to the national cuisine..
Catherine de Medici introduced the country's new culinary techniques and changed the value of the meal. Under its influence in French cuisine, some types of vegetables or side dishes for a long time served separately as a separate dish.
Pasta appeared in France thanks to the new Queen, then he reached England, and throughout the rest of Europe learned about pasta in the XVIII century.
In the "Veranda" restaurant has a classic Italian dish- "Carbonara". She taught us to cook Aussie British origin. For us, spaghetti “Carbonara” Overseas is a delicacy, and earlier in Italy, this dish almost every day eat ordinary workers, coal miners. Italian collier sounds "Carbonaro" – hence the name of the dish.
Spaghetti in a delicate creamy sauce with bacon- what could be better for acquaintance with Italy!!! Thank you so much, dear Mark Fearnsides !!!!