A “No alcohol law” then did not go..

17 March 1932 of the year Finland ordered 875 a thousand bottles of booze as a sign of softening “dry law”.
“No alcohol law” in Finland entered into force with 1919 of the year. He secured the state a monopoly on production, import and sale of alcohol, by allowing its use exclusively for medical and technical purposes. According to the law, all liquids containing more 2 % ethanol, excluding denatured, were considered alcoholic. However, the signing of the law led to an increase in smuggling and the underground market.

Illegal trade in alcohol-containing liquids has become the most profitable business. The alcohol was supplied by Poland, The Baltics and Germany. In any Finnish restaurant, saying the code words, it was possible to order tea or coffee fortified with alcohol. Since clandestine vodka often contained methanol, the number of deaths increased.

AT 1931 year, the Finnish government following a popular referendum on the abolition of “dry law” brought legal alcohol back to the country. So it was revealed 48 government alcohol shops nationwide.
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