• Pancakes with creamy mascarpone cheese

    Mascarpone cheese - one of the most delicious associations, associated with Italy. He adds subtle notes of any dish, but is best suited for exquisite desserts. Pancakes - traditional Russian meal, and yet they are perfectly combined with soft cheese.

  • Cao Kun pad or Thai fried rice with shrimp

    Khao Pad - one of the classic dishes at the heart of a family meal in the Thai family. This dish is easy, lean and very original. All vegetables are half-baked, and thus preserve the natural flavor and vitamins, fried rice and even children love. Served in a pineapple. A choice of beef and, pork, chicken or squid.

  • Fresh oysters with lemon

    Oyster meat has a high nutritional value, and its unusual chemical composition makes an excellent delicate taste and tonic effect on the nervous system, increases sexual energy. Of Course, included in the daily diet product can afford units. But when you're relaxing in sunny Phuket, where such a treat is not uncommon, be sure to try the local oysters!

  • This dish is often found in Russian cuisine – these are, certainly, meat "hit". It is very tasty and nutritious, and in addition with a spicy meat sauce meat turns out very juicy! Well, how do you do without the traditional garnish – mashed potatoes.

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